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How We Started


Since 1992, the KayJae™ Products have developed from one product into over a dozen different sizes or models.

The  first product that was developed by Donald Jaeger, a drummer with a  disabling spine injury, was the KayJae™ Backsaver Drum Practice Pad. It  was invented to make it easier, more comfortable and less painful for  him to practice his rudiments or to warm up before a performance.

From  this invention, he developed the KayJae™ Portable Versa-Table and the  KayJae™ Portable Storage Desk. The drum pad is replaced with an  interchangeable table top or storage desk.

The patented design of  these items is unique because the users’ upper-body weight supports and  stabilizes the stand instead of having to apply inner thigh pressure to  hold it. There is no strain by the user, making it easy for long term  applications. The base of the stand is placed under the thighs and the  arm of the stand is fully adjustable allowing the user to position the  table, storage desk or drum pad in the precise location most  comfortable. Additionally, the KayJae™ was designed for freestanding use  on most surfaces.

The KayJae Portable Versa-Table is used  most as an adjustable laptop or tablet desk, an ergonomic laptop desk, a  laptop lap desk, a mobile laptop desk, and a portable laptop desk.